Different Kinds of Cold Cuts

different kinds of cold cuts

Cold cuts are a staple in most grocery stores, offering versatile solutions for sandwiches, salads and party platters. Not only are they delicious and convenient sources of protein but they are also an important way to maintain a healthy weight by helping to regulate sodium and saturated fat levels in our bodies. As they may contain additional sodium or saturated fat content it’s important to make informed choices and consume in moderation – opting for leaner cuts of meat without added sugars or harmful fats when selecting cold cuts to add to a balanced diet plan.

Charcuterie is a category of salt-cured and fermented processed meats often served with vegetables, cheese and bread as part of breakfast, lunch or dinner meals. Popular examples include head cheese, corned beef, pastrami and pepperoni.

Deli meats provide an excellent source of protein and other essential nutrients, but can also contain excessive sodium intake which may contribute to high blood pressure while excessive saturated fat consumption has been linked with heart disease and other health concerns. To lower risk, select lean cuts of meat without added preservatives for sandwiches or snack plates to add fruits and veggies while decreasing sodium consumption.