For The Love of Food

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” – Ann Wigmore.  

At Farm to Fork Foods, we believe that in order to support a healthy body from the inside out what you put in your body should be the healthiest product available. We hand picked our farmers and ranchers because they believe and practice traditional farming methods. The healthiest meat avialable comes from an animal that was fed a diet it was designed to eat.

Traditional methods are grass-based and allow the livestock to live on pasture. This means a more nutrient dense end product that is free of chemicals and GMOs.  All of our farmers are native to Texas and raise their livestock within 200 miles of our store.  


Let us make eating better a little easier! Our new delivery service brings the goodness of the farm right to your door step! That’s right, we will bring all the local goodness to you with the click of your mouse. No more long waits in the grocery store line, no more questioning the quality of the products you are buying for your family, no more guilt about wanting to buy local but not knowing how to do it.

Enter your zip code to see if we are delivering to your area then create an account, shop for your local groceries and schedule your delivery. We will hand pick all your items and deliver them right to you. It’s really that easy!


2001 W. Mayfield Rd.

Arlington, TX